November 3, 2013

So. This is me.

A fresh graduate 7 months ago with a degree that is just as confusing as what I really want to do with my life, who is working as an associate in a highly-stressful and number-centric industry and nearly entering the “I’m-supposed-to-be-responsible-by-now” stage.

My JTA pictures are still stored in the hard drive of my computer (mind you, I almost lost them) even after promising back in 2012 that I would “immortalize” the experience in this blog.

My admission to the University of Westminster – which is by the way situated in the heart of beautiful London – laid to waste all because I could not find someone to write me a scholarship letter.

My plans of “travelling” after graduation remains a plan because, well, who knew that getting a job would also mean sacrificing a big part you in that.

In which you could also infer by the way I phrased my previous sentence that I am not quite happy with what’s going on.

But then, somehow, I sorta still have this plan of going to law school. Next year. Hopefully. If I get lucky.

And yes,  still very much loveless by choice and by fate.

It’s like being on a stand-still and boy I can’t wait to snap out of it.


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