2:08AM Thoughts

  1. Walking in the rain at 12mn isn’t so bad.
  2. Those long drives alone make me wish my car could talk.
  3. Well if it could, I wonder what it’d say to me?
  4. Struggles today: 20 cases, 40 provisions, 100 pages – traffic – trucks – heavy heart
  5. Home is seeing  my brother wait for me and getting a hug from my half-awake mother after a long tiring day.
  6. It’s possible to hear the same words and feel the same sting from two different persons.
  7. Does history really repeat itself?
  8. Tired — in every way possible.
  9. Cities apart, x years after, yet nothing has changed — still that one person who answers my desperate late-night calls (although sans the alcohol now) and knows exactly what I need to hear to get me back on track. Happy to have you as my constant.
  10. Breathe. Pray. Go on.

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