If I were to write, I would want to write how I fell slowly but deeply. How I would think of the days and weeks and years to come, the present and future realized, just by squeezing his hand. I would write about how we both built our dreams together, moving forward and treading our own paths, yet in the same direction, knowing these would eventually merge — someday soon. I would want to write about those long car conversations, how we began to love each other through those seemingly irrelevant boring things and how it would make me realize that I’d have this anyday, everyday, over anything. I’d have you and choose you… anyday, everyday.

I don’t want to write about how we have more differences than we have in common. How distance and time and priorities get in the way and how exhaustion eats us up. How we meet people everyday, how that fact bothers us, and how we always wonder what the other is up to. How frustrations build up and how things get lost in translation at times. At the very least, if I were to write about these things, I would try to re-write it all.


Starting today, please allow me to (re-)write about you.




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