Love came along. Love was patient and kind and all sorts of crazy. Love was nice and sweet and full of surprises. Love came at the most unexpected time, yet she couldn’t be any more thankful.

Love was not perfect; Love was clumsy and terrible at jokes. Love is confusing, but she adored Love more than anything and anyone else.

But Love came with strings attached. Love was loved by many. Love likes looking at the Stars and she can see that even the Stars wanted Love. Love tells her about Past and she wonders how Love found its way into her arms. Love wants Time, but she knows she cannot have enough of it, much more control it. Time was her biggest flaw and fear.

Time is elusive; it has its own way of bringing Past into the picture, putting Present at the backseat, and blurring Future in a heartbeat.

And so that one night, while sitting on a bench in their favorite part of the city, she asked Love: “should the Stars fall down at your feet and grant you chance to own them all, should the Universe conspire to rearrange Time and put Past and Future together, would you, Love, still choose to be here?”

Love replied: “I will choose to be here, over and over and over again. With you, in this lifetime, and even after that.”

With all the strings of Uncertainty, she held Love for as long as she can.


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