A Very French Morning!

Look what came to our doorstep this morning!

French-themed pastries from Le Petit Cheri! :D

Two weeks ago, we stumbled upon their FB page and read about their contest. Whoever gets to upload pictures that portray the French culture and lifestyle will have the chance to win French macarons and cupcakes. Since Carissa knows the owner of the store as well, we decided to give it a try. As it turned out, we – Gianna, Carissa, and I – were the only people who joined the contest. Ha-ha. But that doesn’t mean we uploaded crappy pictures!

Gianna Monteagudo: Parc Monceau, Paris, France (Sept. 26, 2011)

Carissa Limcaoco: Nice, France (Sept. 13, 2011)

Carissa Limcaoco: The French spending a sunny afternoon drinking coffee in a cafe.
Nancy, France October 2011

Fielle Ignacio: Arc du Carrousel – Paris, France. (October 22, 2011)

French pastries from a random pastry shop in Paris! :)

I shall try to drop by their store one time and see if they have decided to put our pictures up their walls. Ha-ha. Oh the joys of traveling!


Shoes (II)

New Yorker, Prague. Unique and comfy.

New Yorker, Regensburg. My favorite color! And it has felt texture.

Deichmann, Regensburg. My winter boots! Waterproof and warm.

H&M black flats, Munich. I love flats. :)

Black autumn boots, Denmark. Easy to match. Comfy.

Only In Germany

So our case study today in International Management is about Stella Artois and I was surprised when I entered our lecture hall this afternoon. Our professor was wearing a bow tie and an apron – the typical bartender uniform. On his lecture table were bottles of different European premium beers in different shapes and sizes. Small-sized candles were also lighted and beer chalices and mugs were arranged neatly beside the beer bottles. During the discussion, he gave beer coasters to those who recited and handed Stella Artois chalices and beer mugs at the end of the class to those who scored the highest recitation points.

And oh, we had beer-tasting also. Apparently, his assistant was pouring 5 different beers – 15 shots each – while he was doing the lecture. And then, the assistant put the shots in five different trays and our professor made us guess which beer is which. Take note: these aren’t just ordinary beverage. These are premium beers. He even had cookies for everyone.

Did I tell you he gave us free Stella Artois beers?

Cool. I know.

Mall Hopping

Last Friday, my groupmates and I went back to Eastwood to do some school-related stuff. We surveyed some establishments, figured out why they layout-ed their stores in that way, and observed the operations happening inside it. This is for our (yes, you guessed it right, I’ve been ranting about this subject for weeks now) OpMan. We have to be discreet all the time since some people do not really allow interviews and picture-takings inside the store. It was tiring. And it didn’t help that I was also broke at that time so all I can do is to window shop and eye some cute stuff. Anyway, we went to Happy Lemon (again) to take some more pictures since it’s beside Starbucks and it would be a good example of layout strategy.

I was thinking of buying Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese at that time but I cringe when I saw the long line of customers in Happy Lemon. And since we needed a seat and Happy Lemon’s tables are all full, I decided to just buy Mocha Frappe in Starbucks. My friends, however, lined up and patiently waited for their milk teas.

Told you they don’t murder my name that much. And I only spelled my name once (compared to Happy Lemon’s, Fitel. :| I think their staff is deaf or something). Nonetheless, the spelling’s still wrong.


This is what I call…bullying. LOL. I find this picture extraordinarily cute for some reason. I think putting up Happy Lemon beside Starbucks greatly affected the Starbucks’ profit. Well that’s kinda obvious already..3 out of 4 people preferred to wait in line rather than to have their name spelled correctly.

After that, we took some more pictures outside.

I don’t really frequent Eastwood since I live in the South so I was like a tourist there taking pictures everywhere. It kinda looks like Alabang…only with more stores and buildings.

I got intrigued with Il Pirata because it looks so off standing in the middle of a civilized and highly urbanized area. I’ll try to convince my mom to eat there some time. :)

And then we went to Fully Booked to check out some cool stuff before heading back to school. Man I’m seriously addicted to ballpens. I can’t decide which to choose. Plus I saw this set of colored pens with 24 different colors which costs less than 200 bucks. I feel bad for myself because I’m broke as hell. But being an impulsive buyer that I am, I bought this cute cellphone case and a koala ballpen just to make myself happy after a hard day. :)

Teehee. :>

Moving on, we went to another mall yesterday – TriNoma – for our OpMan project again. Sarah and I took pictures of different establishments (again) and Sarah and Trisha did the Yakimix foot count. It was tiring but fun. It felt like window shopping except that we focus more on the layouts than the products. We went inside a toy/specialty store called Hobbes & Landes  wherein there’s a frozen yogurt parlor inside. It was my first time to see a store like that. And that’s where I also found the love of my life.

T_____________________________T LKDFLDKSAS’;LDK I NEARLY CRIED. This is like the coolest toy ever. I’d do anything just to get my hands on this one. Costs around 9,900..but dude, that’s already cheap considering it’s a real car fueled by hydrogen. It might even be the prototype of a safer and more environment-friendly car in the future. T_T Gah. I wish I have a job already so I can buy this baby. :( Leaving that store empty-handed is much much worse than a break-up.

I also saw a cute turquoise Egg bag that can be used for school. And since it was sale in TriNoma, it was marked down by 700 bucks. Again, I was forced to keep my eyes closed while passing by that store. I hate being broke. :(

So much for a productive week. Going to malls to do school works…how weird could that be?

Thank God It’s Tuesday

Today is a semi stress-free day. :> We didn’t have any quiz or test nor any deadlines to meet. And because this day has been extraordinarily stress-free that I decided to blog about it.

For Philo, we watched this super twisted psycho movie, Being John Malkovich. 

It’s about a puppeteer who fell in love with his colleague, Maxine, and then found this wormhole passage whateveryoucallit wherein “you can be” John Malkovich’s for 15 minutes (and because he’s a puppeteer, he can possess the body for more than 15 minutes). The psycho part is where his wife, upon entering that wormhole and becoming John Malkovich for 15 minutes, realizes that she’s a transexual and falls in love with Maxine also. Go watch it. It’s a pretty good movie, if you’re up for something twisted and psycho. I swear it’s more mindfucking than Inception. And the wife’s name is Lotte btw. Not Laddy, Loddie, or whatever =)) (HIHI Hi Iris and Sarah!)

After that, we decided to spend our 5-hour break doing our Marketing paper in Eastwood but we ended up buying in Happy Lemon and for my case and Iris’, spend the remaining time window-shopping. Heh. The usual story – going somewhere to do something important but ended up doing nothing (or doing something irrelevant). Well we’ve been working our asses off for almost a month now and I think it’s just fair that we pamper ourselves during our semi stress-free day (Imma cram my paper like a boss later). It’s actually my first time to visit a Happy Lemon store and I wasn’t really sure what to order. Considering that I was going to do my Marketing paper, I settled for that Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese drink. And since I wasn’t able to bring my camera today, I stole a pic from the web HAHA sorry I got way too attached to my drink =))

The experience was heavenly. Haha. It was kinda weird-tasting since it’s a mixture of salty, cheesy, and bittersweet-ish drink. It was also kinda mabigat sa tiyan as warned by Iris but I think it’s because I just had lunch. I enjoyed it nonetheless. My other blockmates ordered Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese which they claimed tasted like Sampaguita. It was okay for me. I might be ordering that next time I see a Happy Lemon store again. (I hope they’ll open one in Alabang! -_-)

After wasting our time away in Eastwood, we decided to go back to school around 4:30pm and attend Finance class. So much for being productive.

Anyway, despite the heavy rain, I managed to get back to my dorm safe and sound…though not totally dry. So yeah, back to business. I must finish my Marketing paper tonight.

THIS is my Happy Lemon receipt. It kinda pisses me off because:

1. I spelled my name twice only to find out that another heartless cashier murdered my name (at least Starbucks was kind enough to just leave out 2 letters unlike this one…gah. Sobrang baho niya pakinggan, okay :| ) Next time a store asks for my name, I’ll give them something that’s easy to spell like, An, or Al, or Osama.

2. Well. I was pretty sure I ordered coffee with rock salt and cheese. Why does my receipt say it’s cocoa? No wonder why my eyelids were drooping in Finance a while ago -_- I think my Happy Lemon experience was a lie.

And tomorrow is a Wednesday..that means we don’t have classes! Yay! TGIT! :>