Q: How Are You?

A: Summer has been good (and hot), so far. I have been trying to keep my hands full for the next three weeks of April by enrolling myself in a driving school (which will commence next week), downloading tons of movies and series (which leaves me with only 5 gig of free space in my local disk), reading and buying books of different genres, and doing some artsy-fartsy stuff. We’ve been planning outings and get-togethers here and there as well; though it is highly probable that more than half of those plans would remain as…well, plans. But then, there is no harm in trying (or planning) anyway so might as well keep nagging until everyone agrees to a proposition. And besides, I like planning. It kind of makes me feel that I am in control of something — not to mention the joyful, guilty feeling of being able to easily assign responsibilities to anyone. But believe me, that is not always the case.

About the driving lessons, I figured it would give me higher chances of landing a job in the automotive industry if I will get a driver’s license as soon as possible. I have been wanting to get a license since third year high school but was never allowed to because 1. I almost crashed our van into a sturdy tree in Daang Hari during one of my test drives, 2. my mom does not believe that I have long ago given up on my car racing dreams, and 3. she thinks I would be off to different places everytime once she permits me to drive. She eventually got over them, thank goodness. And just last week, I finally convinced my dad to pay for my driving school lessons. They were against it initially, saying that it is a waste of money and that my tita can teach me for free. Problem is, they want me to train first in a manual car…BUT we do not have a manual car anymore; hence, the need to enroll in a driving school. Anyway, I really need to get my grubby hands on a driver’s license already. Honda has a job opening for fresh graduates and I cannot apply without it. I have clear intentions, you see. But then again, I think my mom has a good point in her third argument.

Downloading movies and series and reading books actually contradict each other. I have not finished de Botton’s book because I got distracted with Game of Thrones. Now I am downloading Suits and I am days behind of my reading schedule (and yes, I put deadlines into finishing books so I can make sure I will be done by the end of summer). Also, I have not cleared my laptop yet from my accumulated (and now useless) files from 1st year to 4th year college.Not that I am being sentimental about it — I can be quite merciless when it comes to deleting files, numbers, and people accounts whenever they take up too much space. It’s just that I’m feeling lazy to open and assess what should go to the recycle bin and what should stay for a few months more.

As for the artsy-fartsy stuff, my mom bought me my second set of mud clay (or paper clay, as what my friends call it) project. I did my first one back in elementary and my mom said she wants to have another “work of art” hung on our living room wall. I am not sure how she is planning to do it considering that our walls are already full of frames (and I still have a jigsaw puzzle of Greece which is a work in progress and will be framed, too). Outside, perhaps?

And I have been working out! Jogging every morning (well okay, not every morning) and crunches every day. Hope it pays off soon.

So yeah, I guess I am fine. I am busy. But whenever I let myself become idle even for just a minute, sad thoughts creep in. And so I try to be busy and keep my mind preoccupied and try to forget that I sorely miss you. There are times when I feel like striking a random conversation with you like how we used to, but I always stop typing midway; not because there really isn’t anything we can talk about (I actually have a lot of things to tell), but because I feel like you won’t be there to listen. It isn’t anyone’s fault, really. Like what you said, things change. And whether we admit it or not, we have already outgrown each other. I miss you badly, but I don’t want to force it this time. Truth be told, I have not figured things out yet. And unlike before where I can always retreat to being friends, I feel like I don’t have anything to cling on to anymore. I could go on telling you how much I miss you but there are just too many “buts” strung along with it.

I still hope that you’d randomly hit me up one of these days and tell me your current state of affairs. I hope that you’d find time to actually tell me what you really feel (or even the lack thereof) so I can finally smooth things out.

I wish I could say I’m down with the season but summer’s fine and it’s actually just waiting for me to sweat it all out and enjoy the sun.


We Meet Again

After a very memorable weekend, I am, again, burying myself with mountainous pile of school works and readings. I have three long tests this week and I’m thankful that 1) my German test got moved to next week and 2) our ASD team building tomorrow til Wednesday was postponed due to the inclement weather. And instead of staying at the condo reading a good book while munching some popcorn and eating a tub of ice cream, I am back at my favorite coffee shop. For some reason, I find it easier to study here — with the sight of other people doing their own businesses and the presence of white noise. I like it that way.

Too much silence is deafening. It makes me fall asleep.

As for last weekend, it was probably one of the best weekends for this year. I didn’t realize how much I missed acting until I was off in the stage doing my part. The three days went by so fast and I’m a bit sad that it would take some time til I get to see all of them again. But then, I still have a lot of things to look forward to and one of those includes the upcoming Ateneo Law School trip this Saturday.

Okay 15 minutes is up! Back to work.

The Week That Was.


Home after our 3-day stay in Baguio.


Went condo-hopping with Gianna! The unit that we saw was, by far, the loveliest and most spacious out of all the units we checked out for the past 2 months. It was actually the last condo unit available in One Burgundy Plaza. Maybe that’s why people always get ahead of us in reserving the previous units. It’s like this last unit was really meant for us. *wishful thinking*


Spent my day planning my dream schedule and making up contingency schedules because it’s enlistment tomorrow and my random number’s 511.


Worst day of the week. Internet acted up when I was about to submit my enlisted subjects. Enlistment in the Ateneo is very much like the Hunger Games…or Battle Royale, even. The first to enlist are the graduating students and everyone wants to get the best profs. Ateneo, thinking that they know best, follows the batching system wherein students get a “random number” weeks before the start of enlistment. Your batch (meaning, the time you’re allowed to log-in to AISIS) all depends on the random number you get. High random numbers belong to the last batch. There are only four batches. First and second batches normally get the best profs (unless the person has no idea who to get) while the third and fourth batches become “scavengers” – feasting on the “lesser evils” and avoiding the worst for each subject. You’ll notice who are the worsts pretty quickly – professors who still have 30 available out of 30 slots even after the enlistment of the first and second batches. My random number’s 511. I’m third batch. My internet acted up and I got delisted in everything after submitting. Thus, I landed on the WORST Theology professor (some even say that she’s the worst prof in Ateneo). And by worst, I mean she gives super low grades, super heavy workload, super difficult oral exams. I have 26 units this sem and I’m so scared for my life.

A bit of a good news though, I got a slot in my JTA sem 1 Philo professor’s class. He’s teaching Philosophy of Religion (Philo 103) now. So. Yay?


Movie day to cheer up my depressed and beaten soul. Why am I so unlucky with yesterday’s enlistment?


Went back to Katipunan to “officially” reserve the condo for us. Ha. I can smell freedom!


Most productive day of the week. Since I’m so broke I couldn’t afford to buy that cute pair of shorts I saw in F21, I ripped my old jeans (again) and made new shorts! http://instagr.am/p/LZyQxQN4Of/ I also cut my bangs today since I don’t want to go to salon just to have it done with no intention of shortening my hair length. I usually have my hair straightened every year just so I can cut it short. But since I want to sport long hair now (I haven’t cut my hair since June 2011!), I’m willing to have my wavy hair back. I just wish it would grow long faster.

For next week, I’m planning to:

Color my hair Burgundy

Start on my Santorini jigsaw puzzle (I just don’t know where to put it after; I heard my mom say that our house is already full of frames)

Review my German

Manually enlist on the 7th and beg the heavens and the earth for some mercy. I need a valid and convincing reason why I have to have a different Theo professor

Modify some of my old clothes

Date my dearest highschool friends (THIS I’m looking forward to)

Watch lots of movies and series

Move in to my new home in Katipunan



It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s changing their profile pictures to a photo of him/her wearing bathing suits and bikinis/swimming trunks and showing off their bods. And yes, I’m trying to sound nice and hide my bitterness because of the fact that I haven’t gone to a swimming pool, let alone a beach, ever since summer started. As you all know, the hell-est year of my academic life just ended and I intend to spend my summer patching up my eyebags and pampering myself by catching up with the movies I missed last year. But that goes second to catching up some sleep.

And also, for those who are wondering (I doubt there are, but I’ll mention it anyway) what happened to JTA sem 2, let’s just say it didn’t end well. I wasn’t able to achieve my target grade and got a low grade in Theo (and I thought all you need is faith to pass that subject). So yeah, so much for that new dream. I think I’m gonna pass up on that one, too. Just like this summer. But then, I’m surprised that I’m still hanging. :)

And yes yes yes I’m planning to post my travel photos soon soon soon. I finally had time to look over those again last week and gaaaaaahd everything still feels surreal. Now I just have to find a way how to put another page so they won’t get buried in the sea of rants about school and life.

So, what’s up for me this summer then?

Aside from the usual sleep, eat, watch movies, I also have to:

Do my room at home a makeover.

Transfer my stuff I left in dorm to my would-be condo which I’ll be sharing with my 3 blockmates.

Print pictures.

Fix my German Studies minor.

Turn my JTA sem 2 frustration to a more creative hobby.

Fix my resume.

Forward my schedule to John Robert Powers.

Start my Santorini jigsaw puzzle.

Well this means I’ll be reserving my bikini for next summer (or at least, until I lose the weight I gained abroad).

Old to New


Rummaged mom’s closet and found a top by Paper Dolls which she hasn’t used for years. I decided to “re-design” it since I find the material neat and pretty. Removing the puffed sleeves and adding a black ribbon did the work. I like how it turned out.

This adds up to my growing number of clothing that I made on my own — ripped pants, pants-turned-shorts, prom gowns (yes I designed my prom gown myself) and now, this Paper Dolls top.

Guess I have to consider also Fashion Management as a minor in case IB and Philosophy don’t work out quite well.

28 hours and counting…

Yesterday and last Tuesday were one of the most stressful and tiring days in  my whole life. We decided to do an overnight at Sarah’s condo to do our 3rd Marketing deliverable which is due next day (Wednesday) 5pm. And err..I forgot to blog about our last Saturday’s surveying experience but basically, we made a 5-page questionnaire regarding shampoo preferences of our target market (which is class C), printed it out, photocopied 100 copies, and distributed them at SM North EDSA. And since there were only four of us (Iris wasn’t able to make it because of the typhoon), we got 25 questionnaires each. It was fun yet intimidating. I get to interview strangers and even Jejemons. I found out that it wasn’t really that hard talking to someone you don’t know especially when you need something from them (do I sound like a user? No? Good). It was hard at first but then I got more relaxed after talking to three people. Some of them would refuse to answer the survey but upon seeing what school we came from, they would immediately get the paper and start speaking in English. o.o Whew. There were even times when they would ask what the meaning of the question was and would whine that we should have a Tagalog version of the survey. Well we thought that the questions we did were already comprehensible since we revised them a lot of times and even consulted our Marketing prof just to arrive at something that’s of simple language and can be understood by everyone. But then it still boiled down to the fact that we shouldn’t have posted the questions in English at the first place. Nonetheless, we still got pretty good answers from some people and slightly tweaked some magulo answers to arrive at a smooth survey result. Also, there was this one time that I got a bit harassed by my interviewee. But then I couldn’t and shouldn’t show that I’m already freaking out else they won’t answer our survey:

Guy: Ateh, si Daniel. Ano po pangalan niyo?

Me: Ah Fielle po.

Girl: Ilang taon ka na?

Me: 18 po

Guy: 18 ka lang? Pwede! Single ka teh?

Me: Uhm..opo. Hehe.

Girl: Oh pwede na oh. HAHA. Ano daw number mo sabi ni *insert name of guy here*?

Me: Ay di po pwede eh.

Guy: Di pwede? Bakit? Textmates lang, to naman.

Girl: Ate SLR ba yang dala mo? Pwede patingin?


Anyway, at least I got good answers from them. They were Nursing students at…I forget where HAHA. And after 4 hours of going around the food court area like vultures, we finally got 112 respondents! Trisha printed extra copies just in case we got some BS answers so yayyy! :D MAGIS :>

After that, Trisha and Mai tallied the scores over the weekend and we’re using the results as the basis of our 3rd deliverable.

HAHA okay going baaaaaack…

We got out of school at 6:30pm and made a quick trip to Rustan’s to buy some snacks and food. Trisha, Sarah, and I bought Red Bull I’m not really sure what it tastes like but it looks like it’s gonna keep me awake for the whole night. Exactly what I need. Mai and Iris bought Tacos and some chili con carne.

We arrived at Sarah’s condo at 8pm just in time for dinner so we decided to call Jollibee delivery. then after eating, we started to work on our paper…




Hours passed…and I’m feeling sleepy already. It was just 2am in the morning and everybody’s focused on their laptops. We only talk when we need to ask or clarify some things. So I got my Red Bull and took a sip. HAHA. I was actually grateful for feeling sleepy since I’m really looking forward to drinking Red Bull. :)) AND DUDE I TELL YOU, IT INSTANTLY WORKED.

I FEEL HIGH. My heart was palpitating and I was restless. O_____O Trisha and Sarah decided to drink theirs too while Mai and Iris made some Tacos. Then we started cracking up green jokes and bashing our professors and picking on each other. =)) Everybody’s already sabaw and we’re not even done with the first half! GAH. I think that was the first time I heard Trisha, the smartest in our block, say “HINDI KO MAINTINDIHAAAAN!!” And we were all laughing like crazy animals. I decided to google about Red Bull, about its side effects and stuff. I even read something like Red Bull is made of bull’s semen. o______o =)))))))))) Everyone went craaaaazy and we started joking about getting pregnant and giving birth to a bull. One moment we were so tensed and straight-faced, then next thing I knew everyone’s going wiiiild. HAHA. Para kaming lasing. 

So yeah more hours passed…

Iris and I fell asleep. Iris was sick so she couldn’t help it. I fell asleep for around an hour or two only to wake up with my head hurting. I feel like I didn’t sleep a blink. I can still feel the “Red Bull effect” and it didn’t help that my heart’s still palpitating. :))

And…we finished around 4PM. HAHA. We had to drop by my dorm to print our paper. We were all so nervous since the deadline’s at 5pm and our prof doesn’t accept late papers. And duh, we stayed up all-night and all-day for this. -_- I finished printing our printer at around 4:40 since our paper’s colored and it was loooooong and my printer’s kinda Jurassic. =)) You know the old printers that sound “eek eek eek” when printing? Mine’s like that. :))

And our adventure doesn’t stop there. HAHA. There’s traffic in Katipunan and..yeah we all know what traffic in Katipunan looks like. :| Trisha was the one driving the car and she made pretty good swerves and overtakes and we were all “Trishaaaa woooh!!” “Weeeee!!” “Aaaah!!” =)) Crazy girls. HAHA. We arrived in Ateneo at 4:57PM fffffffffffffffff everybody started to panic. HAHA. Mai grabbed the paper, got out of the car immediately, and decided to run as fast as she can to the SOM Department and everybody was again screaming “Weeee!!” “Aaaaahh!!” “Wooooohh!!” And started laughing so hard I feel like my abs are coming out.

And WE MADE IT. :D The secretary signed it at 5PM. WOOH. :> MAGIS. :D

After that, I went to Gateway to watch a movie with Kriselle and Fretchie. I feel so light-headed and my legs are starting to give in but I kinda promised them that date and there’s no way I’m gonna ditch them. I bought 3 Hangover 2 tickets since Kriselle and I are both drooling over Bradley Cooper’s perfection. But the bitchy movie girl held our tickets saying that we need to present our IDs first to validate if we really are 18 and above. CRAP. Kriselle forgot to bring her ID so Fretchie and I decided to look for someone who’s willing to lend his/her ID. AGAIN, that task. Remember what our parents used to say? Don’t speak to strangers? Forget that crap. I need strangers in my life. :))

Well I talked to this cute guy who was willing to lend his ID. HAHA. Too bad he doesn’t have one. D: Then to this girl who studies at CEU and she lent us her ID. I presented my ID, Fretchie’s ID, and the girl’s ID to the movie girl (sorry I don’t know what to call that bitch). She won’t accept the girl’s ID since she doesn’t have a birthday in it. I WAS REALLY PISSED. WE PAID FOR THE TICKETS ALREADY. :| I’m so stressed, I haven’t slept a blink, and I want to catch my favorite actor’s movie but here’s a bitch saying my friend’s not old enough to watch it. I remember cursing her twice and saying, “you asked us for an ID, I gave you three, WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM” and she suggested we watch another movie instead. I ended up getting 3 Green Lantern tickets. I feel bad for Kris since she rarely watches movie just because of an actor. WE WANT BRADLEY COOPER DAMMIT. -_____- She’s lucky I left my Red Bull bottle at Sarah’s condo else I would have shoved it down to her throat…or maybe up her fat ass. I wanna set her on fire. LITERALLY.

Pero okay lang. Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive. HAHA. And Green Lantern was awesome. Whoever said that the movie sucks must have watched it with his/her eyes closed.

I got home around 10PM. I slept early, 11PM..to brace myself for another possible overnight tonight..this time for OpMan third deliverable, the BLOODIEST deliverable among all deliverables, due TOMORROW, 10AM. I’ll make a different post about those projects some time. For now, I’m gonna stock up my ref with more Red Bulls. LOL.

3 weeks to go and we’re done. PLEASE PRAY FOR US. We badly need it.

My Marketing groupmates after we finished the paper. See? We’ve aged. Good thing the pimple breakouts aren’t noticeable. :))

L-R: Sarah, Trisha, Me, Iris, Mai. I LOVE YOU GUYS. >:D<

Sweet Solitude

I’m finding it really hard to study at home. It’s either I end up falling asleep or devouring whatever edible thing is within my reach. So yesterday when my mom and sister told me that they need to pick up some medical books at UP Manila, I asked them if they could drop me off at Starbucks. They didn’t mind though as long as I can study well there.

When I arrived at Festival Mall, I was surprised to see Starbucks so full. Actually the mall itself is full of people. Then I realized that everybody was doing last-minute shopping for the first day of classes. So I walked around for a while and tried to find an empty store where I can open my OpMan book and study for the long test. I ended up in California Berry.

It was my first time to buy froyo there. I usually order in Frutti Froyo since it’s a lot cheaper (just avoid putting too much toppings) and the ambiance is really warm and good. I ordered CaliBerry Special with their seasonal froyo which is blueberry.

It was heavenly! Blueberry froyo topped with kiwi, mango, and strawberry is a must-try comfort food for all heartbroken, stressed, and depressed  people out there. I’m looking forward to visiting that store again. It definitely made me happy not to mention I was able to finish 2 chapters of our boring book in an hour. :> And sorry for the low quality pic, my phone camera sucks.

After finishing my last spoonful of this piece of heaven, I went back to Starbucks to check if it’s still full. I’m a sucker for coffee, you know.

Luckily I found 4 empty couches and hoarded them. But then the guard noticed that I was alone and asked me if I could share seats with other people. I saw a Japanese guy looking for an empty seat and he also brought his laptop with him (maybe he thought of studying also HAHA wrong move right there!) so I just said yes to manong and asked him if he could guard my bag while I’m ordering.

I bought Caffe Mocha and tried one of those Starbucks cake pops.

Today (or should I say yesterday since this is a late post) has been a productive day for me. 2 years of living in the dorm and I got used to going to places and eating alone. I enjoy solitariness once in a while. Actually I don’t mind being alone anymore. I have yet to find out if it also applies to watching movies.

Mall Hopping

Last Friday, my groupmates and I went back to Eastwood to do some school-related stuff. We surveyed some establishments, figured out why they layout-ed their stores in that way, and observed the operations happening inside it. This is for our (yes, you guessed it right, I’ve been ranting about this subject for weeks now) OpMan. We have to be discreet all the time since some people do not really allow interviews and picture-takings inside the store. It was tiring. And it didn’t help that I was also broke at that time so all I can do is to window shop and eye some cute stuff. Anyway, we went to Happy Lemon (again) to take some more pictures since it’s beside Starbucks and it would be a good example of layout strategy.

I was thinking of buying Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese at that time but I cringe when I saw the long line of customers in Happy Lemon. And since we needed a seat and Happy Lemon’s tables are all full, I decided to just buy Mocha Frappe in Starbucks. My friends, however, lined up and patiently waited for their milk teas.

Told you they don’t murder my name that much. And I only spelled my name once (compared to Happy Lemon’s, Fitel. :| I think their staff is deaf or something). Nonetheless, the spelling’s still wrong.


This is what I call…bullying. LOL. I find this picture extraordinarily cute for some reason. I think putting up Happy Lemon beside Starbucks greatly affected the Starbucks’ profit. Well that’s kinda obvious already..3 out of 4 people preferred to wait in line rather than to have their name spelled correctly.

After that, we took some more pictures outside.

I don’t really frequent Eastwood since I live in the South so I was like a tourist there taking pictures everywhere. It kinda looks like Alabang…only with more stores and buildings.

I got intrigued with Il Pirata because it looks so off standing in the middle of a civilized and highly urbanized area. I’ll try to convince my mom to eat there some time. :)

And then we went to Fully Booked to check out some cool stuff before heading back to school. Man I’m seriously addicted to ballpens. I can’t decide which to choose. Plus I saw this set of colored pens with 24 different colors which costs less than 200 bucks. I feel bad for myself because I’m broke as hell. But being an impulsive buyer that I am, I bought this cute cellphone case and a koala ballpen just to make myself happy after a hard day. :)

Teehee. :>

Moving on, we went to another mall yesterday – TriNoma – for our OpMan project again. Sarah and I took pictures of different establishments (again) and Sarah and Trisha did the Yakimix foot count. It was tiring but fun. It felt like window shopping except that we focus more on the layouts than the products. We went inside a toy/specialty store called Hobbes & Landes  wherein there’s a frozen yogurt parlor inside. It was my first time to see a store like that. And that’s where I also found the love of my life.

T_____________________________T LKDFLDKSAS’;LDK I NEARLY CRIED. This is like the coolest toy ever. I’d do anything just to get my hands on this one. Costs around 9,900..but dude, that’s already cheap considering it’s a real car fueled by hydrogen. It might even be the prototype of a safer and more environment-friendly car in the future. T_T Gah. I wish I have a job already so I can buy this baby. :( Leaving that store empty-handed is much much worse than a break-up.

I also saw a cute turquoise Egg bag that can be used for school. And since it was sale in TriNoma, it was marked down by 700 bucks. Again, I was forced to keep my eyes closed while passing by that store. I hate being broke. :(

So much for a productive week. Going to malls to do school works…how weird could that be?

Foot Counting

Have you ever tried counting the number of people who will enter an establishment?

How about the number of people who will pass by a certain restaurant?

Hah. We did. :| I know it’s a ridiculous job but believe me it’s VITAL for our OpMan project. Basically we need to check our rival/benchmark company’s number of customers without really asking the information directly from them. It isn’t some kind of a strategy that we ourselves thought of. There really ARE people who do foot counting for certain companies and they get PAID for doing it (or at least that’s what my mom said). I find it really tedious especially when the rival business that you’re observing is near the entrance/exit (which is the case for Seoul Garden in SM North EDSA). But if you’re the type who loves people-watching and can do it for hours, then this is the job for you.

As for me..meh. I hate staying at one place for too long. No pun intended.

So after killing 30 minutes of our precious time and finalizing our foot count at 11 customers out of 1,169 people who passed by Seoul Garden, we rewarded ourselves with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. :3 I helped myself with a Mango Kruffin and my favorite Chocolate Creations while my friend, Sarah, bought this Martinelli Apple Juice which was a rather expensive and awful-tasting drink. She regretted it afterwards. I took a mental note never to buy that drink. I swear it’s one of the worst…ever.

And then we bid goodbye to Trisha, took a cab back to Katip, and I slept for a good number of hours only to wake up panicking that I haven’t started on my Marketing paper, our Philo reading, and our OpMan paper..yet.

Yeah this post sounds so dull. It actually reflects what kind of summer I’m having now.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

My first semester so far

It’s just the first week of JTA sem and I can feel the pressure already.

Really now, it isn’t called hell sem for nothing. For the first day of class, we had the usual introduction and syllabus discussion done by the prof. And then they proceeded to discuss the first lesson right then and there. I haven’t even bought a notebook because I was thinking we won’t really need it since it’s only the first day. Well, I guess I have to be prepared all the time. Especially when the prof decides to discuss four chapters of your book that you don’t have yet because it’s JUST the first day. (YES FINANCE I THINK YOU’LL BE MY FAVORITE SUBJECT FOR THIS SEM). Nevertheless, we got lucky with the profs since all of them, based from surveys and feedbacks, have good reputation. They’ll be teaching our majors so I think it’s really fair if Ateneo will provide us only the best.

Kudos to my JTA-mates.

3 months of suffering is equated to 5-6 months of parteeey!