I’m Effie Fielle M. Ignacio

a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, major in Communications Technology Management, minor in German Studies.

I blog about the most random things: from simple rants to life-changing encounters. I find reading and writing more enjoyable than watching movies or television series (though I do follow some series and have my fair share of favorite films). I like seeing new things, travelling to new places, meeting new people. I like pondering about the side Bs – a.k.a. the other side of the story – and putting myself in the shoes of another before coming to a big decision. I like thinking. I like being challenged. I hate waiting as much as I hate being underestimated. I hate monotony. But I hate spiders the most. I’m afraid of the dark.

I believe in God and His son, Jesus. It’s a part of me that’s never gonna change. 

I’m interested in fashion and arts and I do take amateur photos once in a while. All photos found in this blog are mine unless stated otherwise. Like this one:

Mercedes-Benz ad (

They say that a left-handed person has a bigger right brain and is more creative. Meanwhile, a right-handed person is considered as more logical. I’m in a gray area. Born left-handed, forced to become right-handed – I’m fond of reasoning, analyzing, objectifying but at the same time, I like creating and getting my hands dirty. Call it lucky but I guess, the diversity itself makes it hard for me to specialize in one thing. Or maybe my efforts in doing so just always fall short. I should try harder. Have I told anyone I want to become a lawyer and a fashion designer someday?

I can be fickle-minded at times and I tend to talk a lot but I’m also a very optimistic person and I dream of seeing the whole world before I die.

Semper ad Meliora – always towards the better things


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